93 Hijet climber specs?

does anyone have a 93 or the specs for the n3 models of the hijet climber?

looking for engines, turbos, other powerplant parts found that year thanks!

having a quick look at wikipedia and then comparing with our wiki’s on the forum it seems that the 1993 hijet (not sure if there is a climber model as you state) runs an e series engine so that would mean that provided the mounts worked and had the room etc you may be able to look at most e series engine.
That is from wikipedia and states what engines you may have.
Depending on what is actually in it and the room you may have you may be able to run an ed10/20, a frankenstein engine or an ejde but as stated there is alot depending on it. The frankenstein can be bored to take the ejde pistons too as I have an ed20 with ejde pistons in it currently.
There is more info in our wiki about e series engines. just look in our wiki in that section.

Awesome thanks. With the added weight of the cargo pod I’m hoping we won’t need to but want to be ready to swap the engine😅

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any thoughts on swap[ping the 660cc for one of the turbo 1000 van engines? I just need to retain the 4wd and keep it under 1L
searching the L2D pages now