94 G200 Project

This is my G200 purchased with moldy interior and have since stripped the it inside cleaned the seats and threw out the janky carpet and what was left of the underlay (we don’t want pics of that)


The previous owner has done a dash cluster change (I assume) because I have an airbag light on and I don’t believe there any airbags on this charade. Odo registers 260xxx k’s but I can’t be sure that matches the current 1.3 which is running quite well. (Will uploads pics of current engine bay tomorrow) Car is also on some kind of adjustable yellow coilover springs which I’ll get photos of and try to identify.

Added in some Car Builders stage one sound deadener, 24 sheets got me as far as the last photo. I plan to use their other stage two products which is designed as a waterproofed thicker carpet underlay as opposed to the stage one which is a thermal and acoustic liner. After all that I plan to buy a new factory shaped carpet from an Australian seller for around $200 AUD

Inspiration for this post came with my purchase of a 1.6 HD-E from a Pyzar that is fitted with detomaso head and cam, head was imported from NZ according to seller and has been surfaced and fitted with a new cam belt and head gasket with new engine mounts as well.

Engine has done 230xxx

I also purchased a set of genie extractors with a 2.5 inch exhaust minus any muffler (not very knowledgeable and open to ideas and recommendations for this) from the same buyer along with everything to convert my rear to Applause disk brakes including hubs, calipers, handbrake cable and VMAX high performance slotted and vented rotors with matching pads (pics when I pick it all up)

Currently has some kind of daihatsu wheels so points to anyone who can ID them for me, open to suggestions and recommendations for wheel/tyres for later down the line

I hope to add to this thread as I go and welcome you to show your support and offer any information or things I should consider for this build


Would love to share the rest of my photos, what’s the best way to share these with you guys due to the 5 image new user limit?

Welcome Michael. Great Dai. The Applause rear disc conversion is usually quite straight forward. I think it is worth it and have done quite a few. One or two here have argued the small gain is not worth it. Not sure how “gains” are not worth it? And price wise I’ve never outlaid huge wads of cash for them. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more. Just generally, where are you located?

best way is to do an intro in the all new people section and spend a little time which you are already doing and b4 you know it the limit will be lifted :slight_smile:


Looks like a cool little car. Looking forward to seeing more.

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Looks good mate! Looking forward to seeing more as you progress! :slight_smile:

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thanks mate. picked engine, extractors/exhaust and the rear conversion for 1200, i’ll keep this thread updated as I go could take a little time to get going. I’m in Melbourne south east in berwick at the moment