94 L200 Mira parts Mackay Qld

Stripping a 94 L200 2 door, full car EF-EL.
Parts I am Keeping : bonnet, inner guard plastics & clips, complete gearbox/ driveshaft/hub & suspension setup, dash, front seat rails, carpet, radiator, rear side trims, rear trailing arms & suspension.
All other parts available. Engine unknown as timing belt off. Body has bits af surface rust not bad anywhere i have seen. Steering wheel surround broken.
Most parts I am keeping will be swapped over to the topless so what comes off that will be available later.
Postage being the drama to most, parts will be cheap or free depending on what it is so they can be used etc, i have no room to store and already been told about scrapping everything left so it’s not laying around so stock up while they are available, as we know they are starting to get harder to find.

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Last pic is black roof lining in vgc

If no one wanted the rear side windows I might be interested, but only if they were going to be tossed. Thanks

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No worries, will put them aside for you, Mr G :slight_smile:

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I’ll take the fuel filler door if available mate

Sorry bloke long gone :frowning: