94 Mira RV4 in Maryland


I picked up a 1994 Mira RV4 from an importer in Florida a few months back (I’ve posted to the facebook group before but not to the forums). I sold my '15 WRX to get the Mira, which I bought sight unseen, and I absolutely love it. I hate modern cars. I hate their styling, their infotainment screens, their lack of visibility, and their lack of driver experience. For those reasons, Kei cars are the best.

Right now I’m upgrading the sound system as it didn’t come with door-mounted speakers. I’ve also put on a custom spare tire cover. For the immediate future, I plan to keep it mechanically stock except for maybe wheels, tires, and suspension. If I can find them, I’d want to get a rear wing and mud flaps one day. Any other tips and recommendations you guys have, I’m all ears.


we dont see any of these in Australia at all so it would be like hens teeth here so i ca only imagine you are one of a very few to have one in the US. It looks soo nice

Love it! looks really clean too!

Welcome to the forum!

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Wow. Very cool. Very rare. Did I say how cool that is? Welcome.


wow this is awesome!

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That is soooo shmick. Awesome ride. Welcome mate! :+1:

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Welcome to the forum. Seeing a RV4 intact and original is refreshing.

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