94 S110P engine swap

The engine in my 94 s110p is toast, I love the truck but need a new engine. Prefer a direct bolt on option, would like to maximize horsepower. What are my options and where would I buy the best engine to use? I am not a mechanic by any means so I would be purchasing to have someone do the swap. My current engine is carbureted, does that mean the replacement must be carbureted? I don’t know what I don’t know so any help is appreciated.

G’day Ryan.
Sounds like the original engine is a EF-NS which is a carburettor 6 valve head.
Not knowing which country you’re in, I will make the options simplified.
Buy another 6 valve 660cc EF engine, swap over all the bolt on parts including the inlet manifold, carburettor, sump and oil pick up
Buy a 6 valve 850cc ED engine and swap over all the bolt on parts as mentioned above - you may need to rejet the carburettor to suit the new engine.

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