A/c air condition cuore

So I have a cuore which doesn’t have a/c, eventually I want to fit in the k3 but would I be able to run the a/c from the gtvi with all the gtvi switches and piping etc or would it be easier to find a cuore with a/c?

If I get a cuore with a/c, will the k3 bits work?

I would imagine the easiest way to do it would be to use all cuore components with the k3 compressor, but I could not say if the pipes will bolt straight onto the k3 compressor, perhaps custom ac pipes would be needed.

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I can’t recall the H and L lines but from the compressor I know
Everything to the left is K3 and everything to the right is L700, using k3 compressor, L700 condenser. The l700/sirion evap box is identical… Hope that helps :+1:

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Thanks guys, looks like I’ll be on the hunt for a a/c cuore now.