A/c for 1995 2.8L diesel

Hi everyone from palm springs Ca USA, I just purchased a 1995 rocky that was imported from germany. Its missing one thing A/C!!! I live in the desert so i really need it here to use the truck most of the year. IT’s 106 today!! even sept 30. Im looking for all the parts it would take to install a/c in the car. Since this model was never imported to the US past 1992, and only with gas motor, I really need help. or suggestions. I did locate a complete system down under but its from a 1988. Don’t know if it would work in a 1995? Any help with this project would be really appreciated thanks

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I would start by isolating the specifics of the unit you have.

Become aware of the different naming they had for those units;

and then we can find;

Once you isolate the specifics of your model then come back - maybe even grab as much specs as you can from the body plates, etc.

A consideration would also be to contact any known A/C places around your area to see if they have a generic unit that could be fitted;


While I can’t say for sure, my experience with Dais outside of the Rocky is that the under dash items will mount. Someone here will know for sure I am certain. Please throw up some images of your Rocky and tell us a bit about it (do this in the introduction section).

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