A few online and local sources I've found useful

Hey folks,

Just thought I’d drop a few names here of places I’ve found useful in parts sourcing.
Amayama - great prices here compared to local daihatsu parts dealers.
Impex Japan - somewhat similar to Amayama^
Of course there is eBay and Gumtree too.

As for local places; if you live in Perth WA you should always check out Daihatsu Dismantlers.
City Toyota and Grand Toyota still handle all the parts sales and sourcing for Daihatsu since they closed the doors in Australia.

I had a really hard time finding some parts for my rebuild and I’m still searching for some.
I hope this info helps some of you out there looking for answers.

Peace people. :v:


Yep impex are good, i use them a fair bit.

Oh wow!! thanks heaps

I was trying to use this impex place but I was confused with how to use it… when I had seen it linked to like

I should have googled, I was trying to google translate impex.jp and it just made no sense…

Thanks for your post.
Most would be aware of the following:-
Parts Guide by Supercheap Auto
TRW site allows parts searches for brakes.
ZF Part Finder - Online and Mobile App

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