A little hi :)

Hi everyone, after reading bits on here i finally got myself to write an introduction,

Jeshua Deher (19)

I’m young enthousiast from the netherlands, that carried the Daihatsu love and passion from my nephew and my brother.

I originally got my 2000 charade as a gift from my brother as a cool little shitter car to save up for ‘something better’.

After getting to know the car i payed him for the car as i soon got to love it.

It’s 1.3 HC-E. Stock engine. The body is fitted with a GTI kit and a MRT Australia wing. The interior also has a (partial) GTI interior. Oh yeah and a aftermarket steering wheel im looking to replace
(Maybe in the future)

For now that was my introduction :slight_smile:


welcome to the forum Jeshua, that’s a nice looking G200 :smiley:

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Welcome to the forum. the charade looks great :slight_smile:

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Holy Moly, that looks amazing!

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Wow, looks fantastic. The silver is classy. Welcome.

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Wow, Nice car and welcome to the forum

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