A (re)Introduction

Harro, I am Jamie.
Most of you know me in some form or another, I’ve been forum hopping under a few different guises for many years, going way back to when I signed up to some obscure forum looking for info on Charades for my aunt who owned a G200 from new.
I then settled onto Daiforum before the major crash that lost a lot of information, including my original account.
I created a new account and became a regular poster until the point things were in limbo and the Facebook group took over.
I am a firefighter in my professional/work life, and an avid PC gamer.

I currently do not posses a Daihatsu, but I have a project started that does not require a shell (yet), and I’m forever on Gumtree looking for the right thing/something different to come up.
In the past I have owned a G100, a G203, and a G200 in that order.

The G100 was sold after I purchased the G203, it was rather tired and I was still offered good $$$ considering the condition.

The G203 lived a short initial life, having blown the head gasket on the previous owner and a shitty repair job meant it blew again. I then replaced the stock bucket of an engine with a HD-E directly out of an auto Applause that was rear ended. The engine was an import directly from Japan through an importer, and drove substantially harder than the HE-E it replaced. I performed many very cheap DIY mods, and even though some doubted their feasibility, they were proven wrong.

The G203 kept going for many years, undergoing a few appearance changes and a long(ish) distance move.
I on and off lent it to a friend that was living with me as he had no car to get to work, he ended up basically destroying the interior and had an accident in it so I decided to bite the bullet and swap him for a 4wd.
He on sold the car within a month as he owed money, and lived for about 3 months after that and ended up throwing a rod out of the block because the new owners were idiots, ran cheap fuel and didn’t service it.

I picked up a cheap G200 2 door replacement, which only lived for a short period of time because of tennis ball sized rust holes in the boot floor and rails. So as a mercy killing, I decided to scrap the car, and sold off a few of the parts on it, and scrapped what people didn’t want.

And then we get to today, where I drive a shitbox N14 Pulsar whilst I put together bits and pieces of the next project car.


Welcome to the new forum Jamie, good to see you here :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you have not been discouraged with our changes, this be platform is well backed up

Definitely, loving the changes @FrAsErTaG. Even if it does manage to go down, it’s just a Daihatsu legacy thing :joy:


good to see you hear man you may not have a dai at the momoent but you you have the wealth of knowledge over the years thats a major contribution and you have always been a big contributor on forums and facebook.
You will find the right shell ( I am on the look out for you also now :thumbsup: ) and if you do locally dont forget to give me a yell to help in getting it. A charade is about the biggest that would fit on my trailer.

I appreciate the kind words mate.
If I find the one I’ll let you know.
I’ve got a mate with a big trailer and a cruiser if it just happened to be a 4wd.

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Hey yo ,keep on it and always say dai hatsu