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The idea behind these pages are to give you a place to jump on and ask your questions, very similar to what is happening on facebook now however we wish to improve on this idea by providing a place for you to ask, people to solve and best of all people to search simply for answers to problems.

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This post is my question and the following post is the answer, I will be marking my answer solved.

What’s the difference between BMWs and Porcupines?


Porcupines carry their pricks on the outside.

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Has anyone had a gearset swapped over? For example I’m looking into swapping first and second gear on an L200 box with M100 bits so I can get a taller (and closer) first/second. This is not something I can do myself. I am hopeing for a bit of knowledge so I can ask good questions when I go to a couple of engineering shops.

The idea is you create a post in a new topic mate. People will answer, you can mark something as solved if it solved your problem.

It’s also a method of documenting and for other people to find solutions to problems without asking the same questions

Gotcha. I was not really needing an answer - rather testing to see how it worked. Thanks for explaining. Sometimes it’s Mr Gumby - not Gormsby

Might be good to start a protcol as to the wording in the title. For example the two questions I put up are about EJ-DE and hence that is how the line starts. But if the question was about an EJ-DE fitting into a L200 then the convention might be “L200. Clearances in moving an EJ-DE back in engine bay”. Or am I over thinking this?