About Toyota Rush and Daihatsu Terios(J2)(Engine and Gearbox)

Hi everybody. I want to learn what are differences engine and automatic gearbox between Toyota Rush and Daihatsu Terios(J2). In theory engines and gearboxes are same, the engine codes are same, actually everything is look like to same both of car.(3SZ-VE). I’m wondering really engines and gearboxes are complately same? I mean Can we use directly Toyota Rush engine and gearbox instead of defective Terios engine and gearbox without electrically and mechanically changing?Are engine and gearbox ECU’s same both of cars? I 'm asking this question because ,We have a Terios car engine defective and automatic gearbox is damaged. Engine and gearboxes are very expensive because of Daihatsu parts are few . Can we put Rush engine and gearbox instead of Terios engine and gearbox?

I would not be surprised if it was like Sirion and Duet … an undercover daihatsu.

Hi hanser35
A quick look at Wikipedia shows that the Toyota Cami was a first generation Terios. Following the Cami I found that the Rush was the Cami sucsessor (https://providecars.co.jp/2017/07/20/toyota-cami-review/)
Those aspects were retained in the Cami’s successor, the Toyota Rush, which was presented as a second generation member of Daihatsu Terios and Toyota’s lineup.
Since the Cami was discontinued in 2005 I’ll leave it to Terios experts (and yourself) to figure out the engine/ gearbox suitability.

[quote=“hanser35, post:1, topic:1973”]…Can we put Rush engine and gearbox instead of Terios engine and gearbox?[/quote]They’re more than likely the same, since Daihatsu builds certain engines for Toyota models. There would be no reason as to why Toyota would offer two completely different drivetrains for essentially the same vehicle