ABS Mod - On-Off switch for ABS System

This is a how to guide to install an on-off switch for the ABS system. It should work on most cars.

A lot of cars use one of the ABS sensors for the speedometer, so simply pulling the ABS fuse or cutting power to the ABS ECU is not really an option. A simple work around is to disable one of the sensors, then the ABS ECU will recognise a fault and disable the ABS system by itself, plus you have the added benefit of the ABS warning light, which will act as an indicator to tell you that ABS is no longer active. To re activate the ABS you simply switch it on again and re-start the engine, the ABS light will go out and the system will re-activate.

This works on the Sirion M100, but it is possible that on newer models a permanent trouble code will be saved and the system will remain disabled until the trouble code is deleted. If you try this on a newer model please share your results :slight_smile:

  1. Locate the wires for the rear left ABS sensor
  2. Cut one of the 2 wires (doesn’t matter which one)

  1. Attach 2 new wires to the 2 ends of the cut wire and run them forward to the dash. (I hacked the old wiring harness from my parts car to make an adapter loom). Try not to run them along side other wires to avoid electrical interfereance that could affect the signal.

  1. Mount an On-Off switch in the dash and enjoy :slight_smile: