Adjustment to our backup schedule

Adjustment to backup schedule

As the forum grows so do the associated costs of running the site, an important part of running the site is creating backups.

Currently we are creating backups on a 24 hour basis meaning in the event of a crash we would lose a maximum of 24 hours of content.

The costs associated with this have increased now to a point that unless we get further funding the admin team has decided we will dial back backups to 72 hours.

This will ease pressure on our budget and based on current usage of the forum the impact would be minimal in a worse case scenario.

The admin team feel it is within our interest to advise the L2D family of the changes to our backup policy so that we can all understand the risk which in the event of a crash/corruption the maximum loss will be 72 hours or less, e.g if the outage occurred closer to the time the backup was taken then this time frame would be smaller.

In future if our post count and content contribution increases above our threshold then we will close the gap on these time frames.

On a side note on behalf of the admin team at L2D we would like to thank all users who have contributed donations to the forum and an extra special thank you to the users that donate monthly.