Aero/spacers thread


I own a m111 Daihatsu sirion, wheels were garbage, plus a clark from my workplace rammed one of my wheels out of existence. So i decided to put some alloy wheels, i’ve come up with some Mitsubishi wheels (dirt cheap) but due to their size (6.5) and offset, i’ve had problems with scrub radius, clearance and handling overall. Fit some wheel spacers to make it look cooler aswell, good quality spacers with pressed bolts in them, fabricated myself some plastic rings to make the fitting tight and i am VERY happy with the overall result, better tyre contact and clearance for days! lighter wheels make it much more ride-comfortier… in general a good mod tbh.
In time, i have noticed a great aero disadvantage, the car has become too “sensitive” to sidewinds down long straights, and since it’s a light car, it becomes quite terrifying! When cornering though, all these things disappear!
Has anyone encountered a similar problem?
I figured i’d install a couple of canards to counteract the wheel aero turbulence, and in the future i will fabricate some good underbody seals for more efficient aero.
Am i crazy or is this a thing?

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