Afermarket parts? ITB'S ? Cams?

Hey guys, i am just wondering where you all get your aftermarket parts from? Or if there is even a such thing? I know alot of parts are interchangeable but im looking to grt ITB’s for my EJ and havent had much luck. Also is there any options for higher love cams or would it just be better to get current ones re ground?

Thanks heaps!

88 mira

There was someone that did ITBs on an EJ. He had to make everything himself and use motorbike TBs. As for cams, you’d probably have to get your’s reground. There has been some talk of getting Tighe Cams to grind a few, but, nothing happening as of yet.
If you are going for more power, best to look at boosting it. has turbo exhaust manifolds.

Ah i see thanks alot for replying to quick lol, i would really love a solid throaty N/A engine. Im happy with “good” power but dont want to turbo if i have to. I have enough headaches with my twin turbo audi lol :frowning:

I can understand that. Bit of a fan of ITBs myself. I think developing some from a set of motorcycle ITBs will be your best bet. Will have to look at aftermarket engine management as the stock ones don’t like change and can’t be flashed.

here is another idea also you could put k3ve2 pistons in your ej to bring the compression up from 10:1 to about 11:1 if you wanted a high comp N/A machine. The key also would be port and polish etc etc, 1 little change may not make a difference but many changes that work together do. :slight_smile:

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Use 3 throttlebodies from a Suzuki GSXR 600

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I have a 3cyl Triumph ITB set up I was looking into for my EJDE - one day when I have the time. Spacing seems about right. I have some 4cyl bike set ups too, but the Triumph one will be neatest and least work.

Ah cool thanks for the info! I wonder if the truimph is more readily avaliable to the suzuki?

Many cam grinding companies will grind any cam - even if they have never done it before. I had an H-Series cam done by Kelford - they used a Suzuki profile.

As for ITB’s here is some inspiration for you - I believe these were 3x GSXR bodies (the early ones are easy to separate)

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hahaha I remember when Ian was getting the ITB’s done and most of his build it all done. There is a thread on old daiforum if anyone wants to visit it but he was more on AusZoku Forum’s from memory

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I went over and had a look. It was not very quick. He did not seem to care as his focus was on how it looked, esp running 10" rims.


yeh he was more focused on look but I did appreciate the fact he did the ITB’s and made and tuned the mega himself

Ian’s car does sound good though!

But seriously to do ITB’s properly it is best to have:

High Compression
Aftermarket cam
Ported head
An ECU that can run Alpha N (for TPS - MAP does not work well on ITBs)
Do you homework on the TB sizing and intake lengths
Do not use sock filters (read so many articles about this)
Have nice bellmouths (also known as velocity stacks)

If you have all the above there is nothing better. The sound and throttle response make every drive an experience. :smile:


Wow thanks for the replies guys lol that mira does sound so good though! Def gave me inspiration. I have 3 into 1 headers stainkess headers ready to go on but will need to get the cam sorted still from somewhere. For the ECU would it be a better idea toget a standalone unit hooked up with a custom tune? I havent wired the current one up yet and just thinking it might he a waste of time at the moment if ill need a different one :slight_smile:


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Compact Motor sport make plug and play adapters for EJs (and K3s) to run Link G4 ECUs.

I know the guys at Compact Motorsport and their stuff will be good.

If however you are a tight arse like me and you don’t mind some serious tinkering, a Megasquirt S1 can do all you need.

that’s awesome, im surprised that a harness even exists lol good news

I see the Link G4’s don’t support VVT, which isn’t a biggie but ill just have to drop a EJ DE in, its the VE atm lol eek

pretty sure the Link G4+ Storm does support VVT, just not the Atom

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Ah sorry yeah the atom doesnt :slight_smile: