AFR gauge wanted!

Want to buy AFR Gauge with sensor etc. Does anyone have one for sale before I buy brand new? Located Adelaide, will pay for postage!

I bought one from this seller on Gumtree. It is a genuine item

Please view this ad:

AEM X-Series Wideband UEGO Controller NEW,

Price: $210

Download the application from the Google Play Store.


Damn good price. The last one I bought was an AEM X-series. CMA are near me and I dropped in to get one but they were out of stock. I did a quick search and found CMA had them on sale through their ebay store for $250 delivered. The guy behind the counter said, “buy it that way, as we can’t do that price over the counter”. Strange! I have Innovate in two other cars and they have been faultless. People give Innovate a bad name, however, I think this is “group think”. All use the Bosch 4.8Lsu sensor. Visually I like the way the AEM reads and like its short mount depth. When I bought the Innovate ones it was because they came with the SSI-4 PLUS: 4-Channel Sensor Interface and TC-4 PLUS: 4-Channel Thermocouple Amplifier - with an amazing price.

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