Air con into f310 feroza

Hi guys, new here. I have a f310 feroza 1.6 hd-e without a.c. Ferozas are hard to come by especially with factory fitted ac here in Australia.

Now I’ve read the applause uses the same motor, just rotated as it’s front wheel drive. Does anyone know if all of the ac components would be the same and useable in the feroza? If so, what components are needed? The compressor, condenser, receiver dryer, under dash evaporator… any wiring or fuses off the applause required, or is there existing wiring already in the feroza from factory to accommodate ac?

Or is there something else or another method that I can look at in regards to getting ac installed into a feroza?

As much info as I can get would be hugely appreciated.



Thanks mate, have just posted in there. Will add photos of the feroza once I get some good shots of it.

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