Air Conditioning won't operate after install. What's missing?

I retrofitted the Complete A/C System and the Centre Console switches/buttons from a donor car into my Charade G200.
I’m trying to sort A/C power and wiring connections, as my car didn’t have A/C fitted originally.
I know that the A/C should not operate unless the Blower Fan is switched on. (I’ve had a couple of Charades)
I’m pretty useless at electrical, and colour blind too. Pretty sure I plugged everything in properly.
I think I’m missing the Magnetic Clutch Relay HERE.
I’m also missing part of the the wiring to and from the relay.
(See the Red Circles)
Picture shows inside the fuse and relay box located on the inner left guard.
Could anyone provide the Relay Part plus the wiring and plugs to it??
Daihatsu Fuse Relay Block

If you can assist, it would be greatly appreciated.

  1. I had the system regassed, so that part is OK.

  2. The magnetic clutch does engage with the compressor when power is applied using a temporary test cable, and it does cool.

3.The ON/OFF switches for the A/C and LED for the A/C don’t light up when button is pressed. What am I missing here?
Heater blower fan switch does work though, but doesn’t illuminate either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially clear wiring connector photos, diagrams, etc.
P.S. I’m in Canberra.
I’ve included a wiring Diagram below, but I can’t really follow it, as I like to see the components, connectors and the like.
Daihatsu Air Conditioner Circuit

Download the manual mate there’s a complete wiring diagram in there.

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Thankyou, @welby I’ll do that, and add to the post.
I’d really like to see some photos too, as I’m a “visual and hands-on” type.
If someone has a G20* with A/C, and can take some pictures, that would be great.

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Just checked my detomaso and it dosn’t have anything in that spot either. They must have changed the system at some stage. What model did the aircon come from?

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Thank you for looking @welby. It’s been a while, I think it was a G200. Guy in Sydney was doing a Custom Build G200 like a show car. Orange and Blue 2 tone paint, plus custom interior. All the A/C Parts had already been removed when I picked them up.
2 brothers had a garage full of Daihatsu and Toyota parts, which they had bought (new, old parts, panels, inventory clearance) I think one may have worked at a Northern Sydney Toyota Dealer, to get those parts.

My 96 smiley doesn’t have any wiring there either

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Thanks for looking @Mokeman :grinning:
I was pretty sure to plug everything in during the A/C Retrofit.
This A/C Clutch Power Relay Issue is doing my head in!
The plugs and wiring for the A/C Compressor were already there…albeit on the right hand side, adjacent to the A/C Compressor…taped/wrapped up in the original loom, so that part was easy to find.

I also unwrapped the wiring loom on the inside of the left had guard, but the were no extra wires concealed there. Still scratching my head!