Air intake cone filter Cuore V L7 - idea

Hi guys,
What do you think about an easy install idea i got for the cone filter?

Remove the paper filter from slot marked as 1 and just swap a cone on the beginning of intake. Would that work?

That’s what most L7 owners do tbh.

Couldn’t find a very clear pic but this is what I had:

I just made a tiny bracket for it so it wouldn’t sag:

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Then im a genius, thanks for confirmation. Cone- here i come :slight_smile: Do you have any specific cone to recommend? How is the sound changing after installation?

Oh, but it looks like you installed the cone directly at the pipe, next to the engine, hmm, doesn’t that affect air temperature? My idea was to keep all the plastic, empty, and put the cone on the side, where producer designed intake source, down from under the car, next to the right fender kinda

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I bought a no brand cone filter that came with multiple adapter rings to fit it on the intake. But you can always measure the size of the intake and buy the right size if available. I cost me 30 eur at the time and honestly I was pretty happy with it, even though I bought it as a “temporary” thing. I just cleaned the filter every service with the K&N filter cleaning kit.

As for the noise, here’s an old video of mine. I think this was the night I installed that filter :smile:

You’re right about heat soak; But it wasn’t noticeable unless you idled the car for a long time. Power would return once you started driving again as the bay cooled down. If anything there were was less restriction. I had the Cuore with this filter on the dyno and it did 61hp. Disclaimer though; that specific dyno seemed to be calibrated a bit favorable.


Wow dude, that sounds awesome, its just the filter, no mods on the muffler at all?
Well, the place you put the cone on is directly behind the cooler fan, so it might get just the right ammount of cold air if the cooling is directed 180 degress in reverse, which i never actually checked.

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EJ noises! This is just the intake filter, stock exhaust.

I think it did get enough air as long as you’re moving. I wanted to fit a L7 hood scoop to direct more cold air to it but I never got to it before I sold the car.

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Remove the entire tract right up to the throttle body. The set up below made a substantial difference to low down torque. The first image is an EFEL
The same setup was transferred over to the ejde swap. Note the heat shield behind the pod. The most frequent mistake with pods is location and not getting cool air.


I have replaced whole exhaust with an INOX custom made, but kept the noise low, all i did is a swapped a tiny addon on the end of the pipe, just a cool piece of metal - visual only. Pitty you sold this beutiful piece of art :frowning:


Looks really good. Did the long intake traject affect top-end power in any noticeable way?

It was a great little car but I love the Copen I drive now as well.
Everything I did you can find here: Ko the Cuore (L701) [Sold]
Maybe it can give you some ideas as well :smile:

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Oh, that looks like something i planned to do, but way more proffesional, say, did you use any specific kind of pipes that you would be able to link? Same for the cone. I also had an idea to build some heat cover, and then wrap it with some NRC blanket on the sides - or the heat reflector you use in heating systems

No discernable loss of power but the torque on the EFEL was like night and day. It went from getting up my steep street in first reving it’s guts out to being able to hold second at sane revs.


Sounds good. Looking for a bit of a similar type of setup for my Copen right now. I had a quick test drive without the filter box on and it was night and day as well :upside_down_face:

[quote=“marc0tjevp, post:4, topic:6670”]…here’s an old video of mine…[/quote]Your video just got its first thumb up :+1: [quote=“Mr_Gormsby, post:12, topic:6670”]…the torque on the EFEL was like night and day…[/quote]It appears, what you did was to continue and lengthen the intake runner, sort of like an extractor/header in reverse, eleminating the sonic interruption caused by the stock intake plumbing [quote=“Gizzley, post:11, topic:6670”]…did you use any specific kind of pipes that you would be able to link…[/quote]It looks like he visited a scrapyard/breakeryard for sizing up available pipes from various vehicles, likely also from some diesels of like dimension. The curved units appear to be rubber. Plastic would be optimal, because plastic keeps its integral structure, not moving with intake impulses. Its important to only use smooth-surfaced piping. Not the corregated type flexpipe. I once made that mistake, replacing a smooth extension pipe connected to a moped’s air filter with a flexible outlet pipe from a discarded wash machine which actually brought me loss of power. This is what you absolutely must avoid using:

If you can obtain access to aluminium welding, you could add the following mushroom-type filter:


My ej-ve loves that hks shroom filter, increased low down torque is realy noticeable even on my short intake runner. Also the intake sound is nice :ok_hand:

I just attached one here because my stock airbox was missing when I bought the car. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but it works fine.
It an “Emgo” 48mm motorcycle pod filter which cost $13AUD. Because the intake is 45mm, I added a 1.5mm thick rubber strap around its circumference to space it out to 48mm to make the filter clamp on perfectly.


will be fine but in that location it will draw in hot air also. would be much better being at about 1.3M pipe with it on the end from a cooler place in the engine bay. Doing that would increase your mid range torque a little.