Alabama 1997 hi jet

Just stopping in to say hey. I have a 1997 hijet I imported and have done a lot of work to already. I use this on my 900 acre hunting club. I had planned on using it to drive back and forth as well but kept having mechanical problems on every trip back and forth, it did not like the 50mph for an hour one way. Now that hunting season is almost over im going to be looking into doing an engine swap for something with more power and more reliability. Im fairly mechanically inclined and have rebuilt a few vehicles(1988 rx7 turbo, 1983 Jeep CJ7). But any guidance on what engines will bolt up relatively easy would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome Marshall.
Hi Jet’s came with a variety of engines. Also in van and truck type. Do you know what engine yours currently has in it? It may be helpful info so as to work out what can be put in.
Also a pic would be helpful :slight_smile:

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I have the EF NS truck. I was trying to upload a picture but it keeps saying that it cant determine the picture size and the pictures are corrupted. not sure about that but ill keep trying.

There we go finally worked.


so you have an ef-ns.
im not really familiar with that engine, However the EF means you should be quite ok with a range of engines that should fit. The biggest issue I would see is the manifolds etc from the engine being angled.
So engines that generally bolt in place of ef’s are generally most other ef engines including the turbo efdet engine and I believe they did come in an angled form for a van or truck.
You can also look at ejde or an ed engine. The ejde is 1L while the older ed 10 0r ed20 is 850cc.
Have a read through some build threads with L700’s, Mira’s and Moves and you will get a little bit of an Idea what can be done to the engines.