All Classic Japanese Series race meeting

Hey all :smile: some of you may have seen Jason’s (JC050) post after he traveled across country to meet my whanau and see the GTti in action, on track.

This was the first round of the “Summer Series” for Auckland Car Club and I was racing in the All Classic Japanese Series (ACJS). Unfortunately there wasn’t much at all about the day that resembled Summer, given that it was freezing cold, windy and raining! Challenging conditions to race in, to say the least, but I had a ball and I think the wee Charade lived up to its once dubbed “Giant Killer” status

A few video links below for all those interested and don’t know me on Faceache

Race 1 (qualified 5th, finished 3rd outright):
Race 2 (handicap, started from pit lane 1m16s behind, finished 6th outright):
Race 3 (exceptionally wet! handicap, started 2nd to last row, finished 6th again):


And a few pics and short clips for good measure :smile: