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Hi all danny here prowd owner of a 95 l500 handivan soon to be track weapon i have built a few high power fords, holdens and bmw’s but now its time to give a pocket rocket a go

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Hi Danny,

Welcome. Nice to have another track guy aboard. For track, power will be the least of your worries. Getting the power down to the road and making it handle will be bigger hurdles. Plenty of info here to help you get started if you search the track builds. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your L500 and perhaps following a build thread. Approx where are you located?


Hi mate im in qld near bundaberg. So far i have the coilovers installed and i have a few bits on order for the engine. And it will be managed by an adaprtonic m2000 modular ecu which has a verry strong traction control strategy. But before that i need to upgrade the brakes. The local wreckers have a few sirions that are mostly complete so i will be pillaging them soon. Im not verry good at navigating forums and havnt found much info as yet on what is needed but if i read enough i will get it done. I have a verry long to do list and not allot of time home from work as usual so it could be a while before its completed

I’ll be at Moore Park Beach to visit my parents over Christmas. Normally I stop at the Promised Land in Cordalba.

Have a read through my build at Not quite track. Mr Gormsby's L200 hopefully some info will be of assistance. What sort of competition are you looking at doing? Or have done in the past?

Regarding traction you’ll want an LSD. EF series gearboxes if up to 110hpatw an Sirion or L700 box if more than that. Plus a jack shaft set up to reduce torque steer (long shaft winds up).

13" wheels: for brakes M100 front discs; M100 drums and wheel cylinders work (one wheel bearing gets swapped); a little work to get Appluase rear discs to fit; cross over rear brake lines are a pain, and a single line better so you can run an adjustabe bias valve; and master cylinder does not need changing.

Moore park is a nice place :slight_smile:
The brakes will havto wait for next time im back from work. When removing the crossover valve is it best to make new hardlines from the master cylinder?

Can’t say “best”, but a new line is what I did. I also run a hydraulic handbrake plumbed in after the bias valve. The plan for next year is to run a pedal box. This is already made up from an old set of pedals and just needs some beefing up of the fire wall, install, plumb and mount the remote adjuster. I’ve gone this extreme as the new calipers it’s getting have much larger slave cylinders and I will be able to run diff size master cylinders front to rear.

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