Alternator K3/3SZ

Hi guys,

For my 3SZ swap, I’m going to use all the pulleys from a K3 (YRV) engine, to gain clearance in the enginebay. That also means I have to swap pulleys on the alternator. I don’t want to mess anything up when it put the nut back on (overtorque or something like that), so I’ve thought about using the K3 alternator entirely. The K3 unit produces 70 amps, whereas the 3SZ unit produces 80 amps.

Electronic stuff isn’t really my thing, so I was hoping someone could tell me if you’d miss those 10 extra amps? Or maybe someone already did the pulley swap on the alternator?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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10 amps won’t make much of a difference


If you are really worried, things like swapping in quite a few LEDs here and there instead of incandescents will help. The ecu and fuel pump are the big current draws, but 70amps should be fine unless you have a mega giga dooff dooff stereo.


I just have a regular doof doof stereo, so that should be fine :wink:. Thanks for your help guys!

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