AMR500 intercooler &bov

Hi just sold my car so no longer need these parts. Amr 500 with custom 6.3psi pulley V
New Small front mount intercooler
Semi complete bracket for ej-de motor

Located Sydney


Hey are you able to post this? in Brisbane.

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No worries mate :blush:

Sweet whats the cost with postage?

$370 0422936032 if you PayPal I can send it Friday

Sounds good to me. I read a thread a bout the project you whee working on did it ever get run at all. Keen to know how it would go?

I didn’t have enough time to finish it. Just got the high flow fuel pump on last week then sold it to another member this week.

Hey matey is it still available?

Sorry dude, it sold and I can’t work out how to delete this thread.