An Update of sorts. L2D and other

First of all I would like to say Thankyou to everyone that uses and is a member of the Daihatsu community.

Our financial status and L2D longevity are good and currently we are in a good position. We got through the big bill crisis of 2022 thank’s to all the people who have donated or are regular donators (I also contribute financially as I wouldn’t feel right If I didn’t also).
I don’t have all the details on hand but the domain name is taken care of until 2030, enough to cover our monthly main bill that fluctuates on what we use and some for (or will have) some of the other bills that are yearly etc and saving for the next big 3-year bill. So please keep up the great work all you awesome people do.

Now is a bit of a life update and dai update for me. I feel like saying this here rather than on other social media so if it’s a bit personal or you don’t find it appropriate then that is fine.
So here I go…
Back in October 2022, My wife and I got notice to vacate our rental house as the owner wanted to sell. Our lease was up in mid-December so that was fine as we had plenty of time we thought…
We had heard of the rental crisis in QLD Australia and thought we will be ok as we usually applied for a few rental houses and got at least 2 and chose which one we want.
To cut a long story a bit shorter. That did not happen. Due to our financial situation on paper, we were ineligible for most houses. The ones we were able to had a lot of competition with some having about 90+ applicants per house.
We ended up homeless for just over a week which was much shorter than a lot of people so we are thankful for that.
We had our belongings and My cars stored in a farm shed which was great and we had somewhere to sleep and stay but we were looking at also staying in the shed and My old kia van ( I made a bed base in it for our mattress) as that place to stay was short term.
We applied for every house we could and we were speaking to a guy who had a house he was going to rent out privately but honestly, it didn’t feel right and felt like it wasn’t going to be great.
We ended up getting a call from a real estate agent telling us we have been approved for a house. (relief)
We had a look at the house and accepted the property.
The thing is the house is in a small town called Miles in QLD and is pretty much the gateway to the outback in Queensland. 3hrs from where we were.
So we moved all our stuff here which was many trips with the Kia and trailer. Our fist night sleeping here was Christmas day.
It was more like 4hrs each way with the Kia van and trailer as it is so slow with the trailer on.
We had quite a few issues just getting things organised here as we were getting help through some government departments and they were really painful to deal with and made the whole process much less smooth than what it could have been, had we done it ourselves
So finally as of last Friday, we finally got internet on at the house as there were issues with that also and the government departments and the real estate finally got shit organised.
The great thing is we are in a good house with a great shed that the dai is in and I am slowly organising the shed.
All the people here seem great and there seems to be more work here than I thought there would be.
The part that makes us nervous is we could only get a 6 month’s lease to begin with and while its great that we have atleast that, we do have our finger’s crossed that we can stay for a lot longer.
While having a look around the place we went and had a look at a place called Roma which is 1.5 hours from us and I was surprised to see they have a 1/8th mile drag strip and a club that goes with it and has monthly drag meets.
With not much else in the way of car-related stuff around (that I have found so far) I may end up a member and taking part. I got to get the shed and car orgainsed first though so we will see what happens.

Thank you for reading and thank you to all for making this community what it is. (I probably have a heap of typos
in this too).



P.s A big thankyou to Mr Gormsby for your help!


I’m glad you got internet sorted. Hope you can stay longer and settle in. I’ve found small towns in Queensland quite charming. I lived in Cambooya (about 20mins south of Toowoomba) for a little while, and quite enjoyed it. I also worked at a lot of small towns via my time at one of the big 4 banks.
The drag strip and club sounds like great fun.