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Well hi!

In the current fuel-climate owning 2 rotary engined vehicles kinda sucks if you depend on cars for most of your day-to-day mobility. So the search began for a “cheap” daily driver, and after considering a fair amount of options the awesome little L700 for me came out on top.

Mind you, i’m still looking for the right one, but I figured I’d sub here to read up ahead of purchasing one and so far it’s been awesome. There’s so much good info here I’m already feeling comfy about my choice for the L700.

If anything would be my first ask, it would be this though: is there a service manual to be found somewhere on here or elsewhere?

Other than that; thanks for having me! hope we can have a chat sometime :smiley:



Welcome, L700 is a great choice. You’re not the only Dutchie looking for a nice one atm :wink:

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Tbf I wasn’t even aware of this thing’s existence until a day or so ago :sweat_smile: Also i’m way up north so i don’t think we’re likely to ruin eachother’s fun

Welcome fellow dutch :wink:

On one of the dutch facebook groups someone was selling a nice blue one with about 86xxx on the clock looked alright cant find it atm…
Ill look some more ill post the link if i can find it but perhaps its sold already.
I got a m300 a little more space but still econominally interesting
Good luck on your hunt and welcome to the club!

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Thx dude!

I’m not in any FB groups as of yet, but I’ll make sure to check some of them out. How are they generally towards randoms? :slight_smile:

Welcome to livetodai forums, There are some L700 manuals around and that part of the forum (where links to down loadable the manuals are) will open up to you pretty quick. From memory there isn’t a one fits all manual but some Malaysian kelissa manuals and bits and pieces here and there.

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Welcome Bart. L700 is hugely practical. Pull the back seats and they are a fantastic parts van.

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So I ran into one during vacay and after a test drive and pondering over it for a day i bought it for pocket change and a packet of gum. It’s got ~160k km’s on the odo, runs, drives, shifts great, has a sunroof (was that an option or aftermarket?) and has given me nothing but smiles and thumbs up so far.

I’ll get around to posting some pics, but here’s a quicky just to give u an idea :smiley:


Now, the car’s got some body imperfections all around, but the biggest eye-sore was 2 rather nasty dents in the hood. A trip around my local salvage yards last saturday and whadayaknow; a silver cuore with a dent-free hood!

Swapped my old hood for the good one out on the street infront of the yard’s gates and left the bad hood with them for a little discount :wink: four tenners and i was a happy man!

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First time getting its feet wet running to work!

Oh yeah, did away with the black wheel covers, they’d seen many a sidewalk and I didn’t even like the design to begin with. So it’s steelies for now, until I find a decent set of springs and the wheels to match its new ride height.


Little update; I managed to grab an RPM cluster and kouki tails from a local wrecker for a steal! It all works :smiley:

I also got a trailer hitch from the same car, seeing as the cuore is my daily/utility car I just couldn’t pass on the convenience of being able to tow something when needed.



A while back I scored a RPM cluster and it’s been fine, if only a little lackluster in appearance. This afternoon though, while on a scav run, I remembered the older model Sirion has a workable cluster, it just needs some modification. Lo and behold;

The front one came with the car. The middle was my recent RPM replacement, and the rear one I picked up today.

Now, the casing isn’t exactly plug and play for a Cuore L7, but taking a look at both my RPM cluster and this Sirion cluster I noticed the circuitry on the back was identical. Out came the screwdrivers…

Et voila, swapped JUST the gauges into my cluster and she’s plug & play :ok_hand:


Looking good!

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