Another EJ-DE into L200 question

just wondering why the fuel rail needs to have the return lines and FPR added when using the fuel rail and ecu from a vehicle that didn’t have them?

The Sirion/L700 has a non-return fuel pump. These have an in-tank regulator. An external regulator is preferable as you have a small margin with which you can tune to improve afr ratios, plus such a regulator should be one that takes a reference from the inlet manifold (vacuum or when boost is added pressure). This has an effect on who much fuel is released into the manifold based on whether it is boost or vacuum. There are benefits going either way, but there are more options with a return set up and it is easier to find parts. So to run returnless you will have to put an original and complete fuel carrier unit into the L200 tank. I’ve had two Sirion donar cars, a GTVI and a regular EJ-DE. The carrier unit is way different from the one in the L200 and would need the pump height changed (how deep the pump sits in the tank) and the recieving hole diamter and number of bolts is diff thus requiring the breach hole in the L200 tank being changed and that would have meant welding or brazing the tank. It was way easier going to a return sys. ED10 and EFEL fuel carriers are swapable so if you have a carb L200 just swap the carrier for one out of a efi L200 and add a manifold reference fuel pressure reg between the fuel rail and return line.

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So more a definite desirability than definite neccessity. Thanks @Mr_Gormsby :smile:

Talk to Levi on facebook a friend of his fitted a Ej into his move and when i asked him about the return he said he removed the regulator valve thingy from the plastic body, i really don’t know the details as i have never Disassembled one , and fitted that to the Move fuel pump .So he has a return less system.

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