Another new Cuore owner

Hi everyone! my name is Jonno, i’m 23 from the Netherlands and a little while back I bought myself a great little 2003 Cuore.

As I am still a student I was looking for a cheap but fun to drive car and this Cuore just caught my eye!

I bought it with 167.000 km on the meter and it has steadily been going up over the last 8 months to 172.000 km without any real problems.

After driving it for a while and really enjoying the car a lot, a friend of mine (who also introduced himself on this forum a little while back) also got a Cuore and together with him, another old friend with a Cuore and a friend with a Sirion we did a small Daihatsu meet which ended up in a little roadtrip through the Netherlands of 460 km’s.

I havent had to do much up to this point, all I had to do is give her some new tires, a new left front bearing and a new exhaust end pipe and she has been a reliable little car with a pretty good punch!

I am still looking for a 3rd brakelight/spoiler, so if anyone knows something in the Netherlands please let me know! they have been really hard to find unfortunately…

I will post any upgrades i make on the car!


Hey I know you. Nice car you’ve got there.

Welcome Jonno! that sounds and looks like a great dai meet you all had :slight_smile:

Welkom :slight_smile:

Welcome! Neat little ride, looking forward to your modifications :slight_smile: also, I highly suggest you join the dutch L700 owners club on facebook. Lot’s of useful info on there and maybe they can help you get that spoiler. Oh, and there’s a meet coming up soon :slight_smile:

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Welcome fellow Dutchie! I do have a spoiler laying around that needs some work if you’re up for it. Quite sure I also have the brake light that came with it.

Thanks Greenbean!
I actually already joined the L7 Club NL Page, unfortunately I am unavailable that weekend but otherwise I would have definitely been there.

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Thanks for the offer Marco!
I have some updates on the spoiler but if that falls through i’ll keep you in mind and reach out you!

The spoiler updates:

Yesterday we went to the notorious JetCars in Rotterdam, What a surreal experience that place is!
There is a yellow Cuore L7 for sale there for € 590,- With a spoiler on it!

Just as a side note, for just € 790,- they could make it pass inspection (APK), even with this:

However, the car wasn’t marked for dismantling of parts yet, so we couldnt take the pieces we wanted and unfortunately had no means of getting the full car home as a parts car, since it had quite a few useable parts in terms of interior and body panels.

So we had to leave it there and on the way back while calling a friend about it he said he still has a spoiler in his garage somewhere, even in the right green color!
So in the coming weeks that will be found and ill be able to clean it up a bit, mount it and finally have a spoiler!

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Oh sweet jesus…Jet Cars. The only place were you can pass inspection over the phone😆


If you squint it’s mint

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I’ve been eyeing that cuore for a while now but for the price it’s just not worth it. Couldn’t talk it down even 20 bucks. Nice and crusty as well. Jetcars in a nutshell.

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When they finally see no one wants to buy the full car for that price with all the crusty parts it will be a nice parts car


[quote=“JonnoM, post:8, topic:6238”]…for just € 790,- they could make it pass inspection (APK)…[/quote]It’s surprising that there isn’t an epidemic in fatal accidents there. I experienced similar, when I imported my first 601 from the Netherlands. The problem is as follows: When you report these criminals to the authorities, either they do absolutely nothing or the criminal garage changes ownership to another one of the numerous relatives of theirs

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