Any Body parts from other cars compatible with L200? HA21s Alto Works

So recently I’ve been going down a rabbit hole on finding the strangest, coolest and most interesing L200s. Eventually I came across this one somewhere on a Japanese site. Some weird looking L200s with HA11s Alto works front and I think rear bumper aswell. Is this general knowledge that this fits? if so would an Alto works rear bumper be a good replacement since the L200s bumpers are getting rarer?

Here I have another one with this rear bumper.


Why shouldn’t these fit, if the body structure itself is identical? Daihatsu isn’t known for wasting money with production changes that are absolutely unnecessary

They “shouldn’t fit” because they are 2 different cars from 2 different brands (Daihatsu VS Suzuki). The similarity of the two is that they are both Kei (hatchback) cars which keeps the dimensions somewhat close I guess.


It certainly ‘fits’…but I wouldn’t say it’s a seamless fit.