Anyone been ripped off ? Post it here so everyone knows

Right, thought I had a screen for the L60 and in good faith I deposited $400 into the sellers account.
Every time I have contacted him, he says it’s in transport somewhere.
This was in November, now April.
His contact details are

He’s up in Brisbane now, somewhere near Springwood, Underwood area.
Feel like going up for a visit with a few others, have to wait until this shit blows over. Might try to contact the arse again and see if I can get a refund, don’t think thats likely, dealt with arseholes like this before and know if you don’t show force, you wont get anything off them. Not hard to got in with a handful of carbide tips of a lathe and have a field day with any glass there. So, if you come across him, I would be very suspicious and not give any money unless you have the product in your hand.
Hopefully no one else gets ripped of by him.