Anyone know this car?

Anyone here know who used to own this car or what work was done?
I obviously know the guy I bought it off but he said he bought it like it is and let it run out of rego and it’s sat for 1.5 years. (I bought it yesterday)
It’s got a pretty crazy fuel setup (prob not needed at all)
And an ems ecu.
Just wanted to know more about it.

Hmmm I wonder if that was the one that was graffiti’d years ago? If it was I think it was done by a guy named cosmo but I honestly have no idea.

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Possible. It has been re sprayed.
Also forgot to mention it used to have a GTIR bonnet scoop. Was changed to this one to make it smaller or something.

I know nothing of the car but bro another one? You have got to post some pics of all of them.

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Lol. Yeah this one was only because it was cute and it already had an aftermarket ecu.
Lol. I can have the biggest meet up at my place and they will all be my cars. Haha.