Anyone spotted any daihatsus in video games?

I always seem to find I’m interested in cars that so little people care about they never get made into virtual cars in video games… E.g. daihatsu l700 and g100 charade. I know the l500 tr-xx cuore is available in gran Turismo along with the sirion gtvi but that’s it as far as I know, anyone know any different?

Not that I am into games, but I thought I was once shown a Copen in a version of Grand Turismo.

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I had a quick google and found this
There is 4 pages of results.


Thank you, I’m not usually one to post something on a forum without researching it thouroughly first, I did search for quite a while and somehow glossed over that site! Great help thank you !

I have a Move SR-XX 4WD in my Gran Turismo garage. It’s a bugger that it isn’t the same variant I’m building…


That it a bit annoying haha, Gran Turismo garage? Searches only come up with b GT Sport

I have come to the conclusion the most inclusive game for daihatsus is Gran Turismo 2, I’ll definitely be grabbing myself a copy when I get the chance

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