Arduino RPM Light / Shift Light

@TheDutchGuy These are the LEDs I ordered:

Before you order new LED’s you could have a try modifying the file on tinkercad.
Alteratively you could send me detailed dimensions of your LED’s and I will knock up a new STL for you.

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great, I really love what you are doing and I think I might have a go myself! the tire temp logger is really cool, I’ve done some research on it myself with laser sensors but it was just going to be to expensive sadly.

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Yeah man with sensors and all that jazz it becomes expensive fast. This is just a Normal probe type that you use in the pits to measure temperature. It’s also a modular design with most of the extras on the I2C bus, so you can just build it with the functionality you want. The finished device will be pretty cheap to put together, and I will probably also sell some assembled items too.

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Thank you,

I allready have other led’s on their way, if they don’t fit nicely i’ll try to modify the stl.

Gear indicator schematics are online

All relevant files are included to have your own circuit board printed up, wiring diagram and frizzing files also included.

Licensed under CC Non commercial.Feel free to do whatever you want with the design except sell it :v:


Hey mate, did you have any problems when assembling it? I have had a few people on GitHub open issues about this not working, and a second look at the wiring diagram and I am left wondering how this has worked at all :sweat_smile:

For some bizarre reason it worked for me and apparently for you too.

This is actually the correct way the transistor should be connected incase you have any problems with it

I didn’t have any problems whatsoever.
When assembling i did look up how to mount the transistor so maybe that’s why it works for me.

thank you for sharing the code, could you tell me how to make it work like an abacus? i.e. side by side, one reading 1000s and one reading hundreds.

Im new here i just stumble across this post and i was wondering what is the transistor for?

It’s to create a clean square wave, you can’t just feed the rpm signal directly into the Arduino


hey, could you tell how the 5v rpm signal should be connected? should I remove the 47kohm and the pnp and just leave 10kohm or should I use some capacitors or linear regulator instead? how would you solve it?


The 1000uF is just a bypass cap for the supply right? I think a lower value should suffice (i.e. 47 uF as that’s what I have laying around). Are there any other concerns there? It’s rated at 50V so I think it should be fine.


Hello, I built it, and with a little modification in the code it worked for me. The LEDs however, are too bright, any idea how to dim them?

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