ARP bolt and stud kits for Diahatsu (or other head clamping solutions)

From time to time there have been question about ARP kits. Please add to what you have found.

Some time ago I looked at ARP headstuds for my EJDE. I rang ARP USA and we came up with a solution of custom stud with internal wrenching nuts from a VW/Audit kit. Jono M found that an alternative was Nissan VG30 studs would work if you redrilled over size and re tapped, and cut some of the extra thread off. Then last night on good ol’ FacelessBookyThingo someone posted kits for EJDE with some Chinese H beam rods, forged pistons, big thick 2m headgaskets and ARP headstud kits. I will follow up to see if ARP are really doing kits now or if these are fake. In the picture below one can just make out a part number or model.


Pretty sure they are fake, just like the Carrillo rods but better than standard for boost applications. Been looking at a similar kit for my EJ.

I thought “fake” just looking at the part number. Looking through the ARP catalogue there would be no such thing. I didn’t even bother contacting them after a few searches. Beware Malaysian junk. “Real ARP for EJ-DE” just like their “real 300hp”.


are you sure dude?
i don’t know where these guys have their parts made
but i was recently talking to a lad who had some " Carrillo rods" that arrived rusty?!

i just can’t see why guys are putting the junk in after all the time and effort to remove you engine - even would seem better value just swapping with a wrecker replacement of stock again?

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Malaysian posing. Like paying top dollar for and wearing a Nike t shirt

LOL exactly :laughing: