ATRAI s83v turbo

Please help my van wont stay running, the mechanic says its this part. A pal who has one says he thinks its the intercooler. Can anyone lead us in the right direction? I dont even know the part name to ask about.

OK i found it! The part is a SURGE TANK I do not know what it does. The car will run and drive with the hose coming from it disconnected. The idle with it on will not stay running upon rev down. I got a diagram from japan, the whole turbo sytem is connected with that.

Hi, I’m not sure if that is the surge tank, but if it is, this is what it does:

If it is indeed a surge tank, you need to be careful about running the car with it disconnected as per the article above. If the engine won’t run with it connected up as it was designed, that suggests to me that it may be under-fueling which will be very bad for the engine.

Does the van have ODB2? If it does, you might be able to get fuel pressure/flow information out of it to determine if that is the cause of the running issue.

Can your mechanic not replace the part he thinks is broken?

We’re sure it’s the surge tank we got a diagram from yokohama motors thank god. It’s very strange if you look in that picture as it has a main hose off the radiator running through it. I got japan working on finding another part, but he suggested we can fix this one since it’s all sealed with rtv. The parts can be extremely hard to source it was rare even in its time. It doesn’t have obd anything not even a plug it was made in 1990 pretty sure now that it is carbureted. I do think it has something to do with under fueling or being plugged up at some point in the system, it runs all over the engine compartment. Has air going through one way, radiator water coming through straight across the air (or over it)

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well, no these parts arent made anymore so we will have to find the cause and either make one or find one from a japanese junkyard. It’s a 660 ef-xs engine from 1990. Just yesterday I called over and the mechanic weants to check the little plastic box next to it, the rest we did manage to get a schematic for the entire turbo system. The rest of it is pretty much steel pipe.