Aussie pickers!

Best mate calls me a few days ago and tells me he’s got a present for me.
He’s a plumber and turns out the old tradelink building used to be the Daihatsu parts and service centre! I scored their old signage!!! :smile:

Got 3 x of the “D” signs in varying condition and one really old one that has both Daihatsu & Nissan service and parts on it! Will post some more pics later!

What a mate ey!


Dope as. Interested in selling one?

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Not at the moment sorry mate. But will let you know if anything changes!


The word “PARTS” has been painted over… going to try restore it.
These are all hand painted. There’s an old 70’s Audi logo on the back of one of the red background "D"s, but i like the Daihatsu side, so it will never see the light of day lol :slight_smile:


You are SO lucky. This sign would be perfect in my new shed I’m building, as we also own 2 Nissans…

I guess I’ll just have to make do with the banner I bought :roll_eyes:

Thanks @Motherhatsu. Definitely a lucky lad!

Last time I was at lismore farmers market the parking there has a couple of daihatsu signs tucked up under the roofing of the barn like parking, was also Nissan and suzuki items as well.