Auto to Manual Conversion - L700/GTVi

Hello All,

I have semi successfully completed the K3VE2 Conversion in a L700.

The L700 was manual and the donor GTVi was Auto. I swapped everything over (so the loom is an auto one same with the instrument cluster) as converted the GTVi K3VE2 into manual before putting it in.

Got reverse lights all running perfectly, got it starting and driving fine. the whole ABS system has been installed (ABS unit, brake lines, front and rear hubs and Sensors)

Only thing that is not working is the speedo. Does anyone know if there is anything else I need to do to make it work? is there anything bridge/earth more wires on the Auto solenoid? Or is everything controlled via the ABS module?

Im trying to hunt down a OBD2 reader to check codes but thought to see if anyone has come across similar converting a GTVi from auto to manual ETC.


Most for Storia/YRV

The speed signal is from TCU to Speedo to ECU.
Try to check on this wiring. Did you swap the whole wiring including dashboard and meter?

Just to check, now you are using manual or auto after the swap?

As if your are using Manual trans, you need to have a speed sensor install at your gearbox and wire it to the meter. Usually by using 3 pin speed sensor from toyota.

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The swap included the whole wiring including the instrument cluster. Im using the manual transmission. Im using a manual transmission from the Sirion as well

then you need to wire up from speed sensor from the manual gearbox to the cluster.

Do you know what part number the Speed sensor is (YRV or Toyota) so i can look into it?

With the help of @Blyatsu I have managed to get it working. For anyone who has the same issue, connecting the WZ3 wire (Red with Black trace) from the ABS ECU and H83 on the instrument cluster got the speedometer working.

This should work for anyone who has a GTVi and have converted from auto to manual and has ABS as the manual gearbox does not have sensors like the automatic


Hey am doing the same auto to manual conversion. First thing I want to ask as my first time doing this Do I need a spacer after my flywheel or i can bolt flywheel on without using any spacer.

Im not 100% sure. When I did my conversion I actually had a complete motor and manual gear box all bolted together as well as a complete motor and auto gearbox. From memory the old EJ-DE had a little thin spacer between the crank and the flywheel. I would have a look at some of the workshop manuals on this site to see if you can see an exploded view of the assembly.

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Thanks Bro. Any info will help as trying to put together tomorrow.

sorry for the late reply. looks like you solved it and it’s easier when you have ABS. if anyone without ABS can use this sensor and wire it up to H83. but i’m not sure on the parts number.


This is excellent, hope this helps future people!

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