Back for more!

I’m back!!!

On i was known as Engine-Freak. However, i felt like changing it up for once.
For the people that don’t know it yet or if you forgot… I own a '86 G11.

Since the last time i was active on the forum i’ve moved twice.
Now i’m finally settled and working. Even though i live in a tiny attic appartment now i have plenty of room to work on my car. Cause my uncle owns his own shop with 3 bays, and is about 4km from where i live now. And i can use it after work and in weekends.

I’m rethinking my plans for my G11. Cause parts are getting extremely rare here. Even something as simple as an airfilter is no longer available.
But i did pull the engine and transmission this week as i have a full gasket set laying around.

For more check my build thread once it’s up!


Glad your back. Long live the G11.

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welcome back mate good to see you again

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Welcome back

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welcome to the new forum Aaron, good to see you on here :slight_smile:

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