Been here a while but thought I'd better introduced myself

I caught the daihatsu bug 10 years ago when a mate of mine bought an l80 from some old guy and I helped him replace the clutch and upgrade the exhaust. After one test drive I was hooked! You know that guy that keeps asking if he can drive your car, well that was me. A short while later my mate blew the gearbox in said l80 and I purchased it for a mere $100 replaced the box and my new daily was born. 300,000+ks later and I have never looked back. Till one day I forget to put the radiator cap back on and completely fry the engine, wife says scrap it! But it feels like parting with one of my children. Till oh what’s that at the salvage auction, a rear ended l700 with only 42k on the clock! MINE!! And so the journey continues ej de conversion here we come!


Welcome. Do you have any pics of that L80 that you could share?

Welcome mate sounds like you may love your L80 just a little but it is hard not to love these little cars :slight_smile:

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Here it is with the ladder rack i made so i could get some 6m pallets home from work.

And here it is just 27kms before it ticked over to 500,000ks

Donner car

EJ-DE test fit!

The L700 manifold fouls on the master cylinder but i have since swapped it for the plastic one from a Charade which clears and made my own gearbox mount on the plasma at work. Next step find a long side axle that fits, wire in the ECU and mod the petrol tank to take the L700 pump.


Nice work. Do the brake swap too if you can. On an L200 the rear’s go on with a hybrid bearing set up (use the L700 drum and keep its outer bearings in but swap the cars inner bearing over). The fronts are really worth swapping over also. The L700 arms go on an L200 but not sure what the L80 front setup looks like. What’s really important in this front swap is getting rid of front discs being supported only by the cv outer axle. That set up is not a good mix with the massive power increase. Best to have the more modern setup of the disc-hub being located in the steering-hub-knuckle. You probably won’t find a long axle and this is the crux of nearly all ej-de conversions that do not use a jackshaft to take the drive out of the box and to a short cv.

I’ve been on the look out for a jack shaft for awhile now since i asked a question on L2D a while ago but nothing has popped up yet would be nice to limit torque steer as well (surprisingly I didn’t even know what that was 6 months ago, now it bugs me almost every time i drive my M301 hard down a back road.)
Current plan is to setup both engines and boxes with axles on some cardboard then measure from the engine mounts to the ends to get the exact length required then rock up to the local drive line specialist and hopefully walk out with a list of compatible vehicles or an axle on order.


Welcome to the forum. That is an awesome little car.

Cool looking car man.
Love to see it all done once it’s all finished
I also love how your having a crack at it yourself.
I can’t believe you have a ladder rack on a Mira! Lol.
Keep us posted.

The L80 front setup is pretty much identical to L200 but they have solid brake disc’s Like the L201

The l700 arms have the sway bar mount holes abit further out than the l80 ones. From what I can see in pictures the only real difference between l80 and I200 mechanically seems to be the engine mounts.
And l200 master cylinders don’t seem to foul on the ej de manifold.

Welcome to the forum dude, an EJ in the L80 will be very fun!

On an L200 you use the orginal sway bar with the L700 arms. Things go close and only a little struggle is needed to get things to fit. I’ve actually just recently bent the sway bar to fit a bit better again. A proper radius rod would be a better arrangement.

Here’s how the l5/6 sway bar lines up with the l7 lower control arms.Arm needs to be pushed forward about 10-15mm pic is of my old l5.DSCN3579_zps4b071421
Left hand side done up.DSCN3574_zps5c3d1c26 (1)

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Oh and welcome to the forum buddy.

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Yas another kiwi on here!
Welcome bro!
The Mira revolution is growing :):sunglasses:

If you’re keen on getting rid of the rest of the chassis, I’d go for the front end panels
I’ve got an L7 that had a smack in the front
All the wreckers are Turing to rip me on price

It was pushed into the car in front so the bumper and bonnet are no good. Sorry :frowning: (part of the reason I got it so cheap) But if you need other parts hit me up. I’m in Meremere.

what style tacho does it have?
or are you going to use that in the conversion?

Just the standard one i think. Beside the speedo and the same size.

Keen to sell it?
Are you using lower arms and cv’s?
How about front rad support, is that OK?

Sorry i was wrong about the tacho being the same size as the speedo but it is available if you want it.
I’m gona hang on to the arms and cv’s for now in case i decide to change to 4 x 100 at some point, the radiator support is no good.