Better make an intro

Hey Peeps,

New to this forum, been around the facebook pages for a bit.
Currently own a piece of poop L200. Pretty average mods. coilovers, bride seat, stickerbombed rear windows. I did have the TRXX front and rear bar and 12x4.5 SSR Mark 1’s
Also have another L200 shell, all the gear to put Ej, 2" stainless exhaust, low, painted engine bay Trxx interior goodies :grin:.
Another L200 mayyyyy end up in my garage soon enough. And if that happens then Ej/Strut braces/bride/all the goodies of all 3 get put into one. All it needs is the wiring done which im worrying will be expensive. But will soon see.

More about my other cars;
Daily: 1967 Toyota Corona Rt40.
Yellow, Rebuilt 2r, column shift manual, Starsharks
Cool as fudge to drive.

Money pit: 1989 Toyota Cressida Mx83 480hp
1Jz and manual converted. Then stupid amount of money spent on all of the goodies. Precision 5857, 6Boost manifold, Haltech PS2000, Yaris coil kit, 1000cc injectors. 1000hp capable HP fuel system. It was a clean car which i proceeded to ruin over the years. Currently a dust collector in a garage that might be brought out to drift.

About me:
23 - From Toowoomba - Works at Toyota in parts - Gym life - Call of duty gamer - Loves Snowboarding :v:


Welcome to the forum

Welcome. I’d say many of us have been there with a clean car that we’ve ruined. Some would say I’ve done that to my Mira, in fact if I was “doing it” all over again I’d build something like a Radical or West. But in building an L200 having three Miras sounds about the right number. Am also about to look into rewiring a Mira for an aftermarket ecu and make all a lot more reliable with a solid state fuse/relay system. Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

Welcome mate. Love the old toyotas. I can’t say enough how passionate I am about Toyota.
My dad retired from 38years at Toyota.
Throw up some pix of your rides and your build.
Plenty of great info on here and there’s always someone here willing to help with any thing you have.

welcome mate toyota/ daihatsu they are cousins right so :wink: your shell is that the purple one ? I feel I know and have even met you but not not sure. Anyway Welcome and good to see you on the forum. :slight_smile: