“Betty White” Sirion M100 (GTVi convert)

That’s a really rad rad

I want one

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Got it sent by xpxtreme in malaysia…really good to deal with :ok_hand:t2:


After failing to get an OEM footrest (discontinued part) I risked getting a Dsport copen one in an attempt to make it fit…so grabbed one via amazon and crossed my fingers

Well with some careful bending of the mounting tabs, and drilling, tapping and nutserting a few holes in the car it fits perfect and is solid as!! Much better height than the OEM would be and i tucked it right over thebside so it clears the clutch movement by heaps with my huge feet :pinched_fingers:t2:

I also trimmed 1.2kg off the footwell plate that sits under the carpet to keep the heel hump and save some weight, I will double side tape or velcro it down to the floor as i may remove it altogether later anyway if my heel goes nowhere near it (as its only there in that case to shape the carpet)


Another little touch I always liked was putting an auto brake pedal on or making the brake pedal large enough so as to 1) Never miss it and 2) be able to get both feet onto it. The later was for left for braking and being able to switch feet when coming to a full stop and being able to get the left foot free to push the clutch in.

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Interesting! I really need to practice some left foot braking

Start in regular driving. Even use you left foot on the accelerator to get the brain tuned to the gentle action. Start using the left foot on the brake (disclaimer here - practice in a safe area and maybe not on public roads). Clutchless down changes with syncro boxes are possible so long as you not try to beat the syncros. I would like to think I am at the point where even now on my road car I can brake as well either foot and there are times I hover the left foot over the brake in readiness to stop or slow down. Left foot braking while using the throttle can make the nose tuck in reducing underteer and with a turbo car it can help build boost.


only problem with using the header spot for the wideband is you are only getting the reading from one cylinder not all 4

I was intending to run the gauges wideband post header/pre cat

But the ECUs O2 sensor where it is, pretty sure the m300 etc uses this single cylinder location

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Scored some clearworld indicators thanks to import monster, also came with an L700 solid rear shifter bush in the box to firm up the shifts.

Ugly betty has started to be pulled down now its rego has lapsed, with the rear bar, side skirts and spoiler off ready for paint when the replacement drivers side door comes

Still don’t think ill run the skirts as theyll have to be stuck down due to no holes in the sills, and that makes the front fenders annoying to remove easily

So will probably run the rear bar for the muffler cut out, and standard sills much like the X4 storia does (maybe ill get my mate to make X4 stickers for the doors but make them X2 :joy:)

Drilled the stock battery mount off, ground back the rust and bogged the drill marks ready to smooth out, prime and paint. Yes its ugly atm lol, but will look much better after some love. This will allow a better cold air intake position and maybe a hole for a cold air feed

I also am rust converting the slight rust on the engine bay seams and will clean, prime and paint them (probably all the strut towers and main chassis section as well) when the bays empty before the engine goes in

Front foglights from the GTVi were moved across, yeah its a bit of weight but they look so much better lol…i like a car to still look good :smiling_face:

And finally i noticed the m101 body had additional rubber sealing on the front doors top edges, so cleaned it up and moved it across…definitely adds to that “thunk” when the doors closed and fill a decent gap…original m100 is the same as the rear door shown