BEYTEK L500 Mira Turbo Build Scotland

Hi Guys. Thought I’d join this forum as there is allot of great information on here.
I have a 1996 daihatsu mira avanzato.
It’s been owned by allot of my friends and it had never been running right untill one of my friends spun a shell on two engines. So I decided Buy the car and to build the engine up and do things right.

I filmed it all on YouTube. ive done a few videos inclusing building up the new engine and crank.
BEYTEK youtube chanel

Tearign apart the EF-RL engine.Preformatted text

and heres a little picture of my mira and RX7.

anyway. hope to meet some cool like minded people that love these little cars.
ive a few problems id like to sort and looking forward to learnign the common problems and fixes of the cars.




welcome aboard looks awesome and I will check out your vids when I have more time to do so.

Welcome and a great OP and will check out some of the videos.

Welcome. Can’t wait to see and hear more. Quite a great catch you have there.

Nice fd… Miras are fun car… I’m sure fd has different purpose… hope to see the project result

Oh hi, awesome little build. I left a comment on one of your videos but didn’t know you already joined :wink:

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Cheers guys. I’ll start a build thread now