Big thanks to ReTrO!

Not sure what section to put it in but just wanted to say thanks and give big props to @ReTrO from here.
Sold him a car today with no fuss at all.
Unfortunately couldn’t be there to meet you in person mate but dad said you and your partner are top people and I would have liked to have met you guys.
Thanks for being so understanding and making it a very hassle free sale.
I know you guys made a massive effort to come all the way from the border and all and really appreciate it.
Much appreciated.
Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you as a buyer or seller.
PS, Dad said your trailer was an awesome setup! Lol.

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Haha cheers dude, been busy working on the charade :slight_smile: … your parents are amazing and you have such an awesome collection

Yes trailer is perfect for mini’s and charade’s :wink: