Bigger Throttle Body?

Okay as most know i have a g200 1.3 bog stock.
What would happen if i put my 50mm Applause Throttle body on it? Good or bad?

Pointless. Should be worse. Unlikely to get any higher-end power and will loose low and mid range torque. Use something like this to get a ballpark size. Theoretically it would only be beneficial if rev limit increased - a lot.

I’ve bored out my EJ-DE throttle body by 2mm diameter, added a new throttle plate and milled the spindle down to the minimum with counter sunk screws. The engine does not have forced induction but is by no means standard. No verified change, as in have not dynoed it since. Does not really feel any different, but chosen size was done so based on max rpm, engine size and so forth.