Bit of advise for Mira/Charade L250, L251 and L260 owners

Hi there chaps and chapettes.
Just a quick little one on 3 areas of rust that appear pretty much unseen on the Mk6 Mira/charade on L250 based chassis.
Unless you have completely gutted your interior like myself you probs won’t notice until it fails an MOT or whatever you have where you are.

Areas you will find the rust if your unfortunate is in the rear of the vehicle.
Will need to remove rear plastic panels from rear seat back to check.
Once have panels out, where the fuel filler neck is water seems to get through somehow, still figured out how, but metal body panel in front of filler corroded about 3 inch below window line.
Also on both sides of the vehicle where the wheel well /arch protrudes into the rear and joins rear floor it rots out very quickly from the inside out, due to what I can see as a couple of missing spot welds or lack of seem sealant. Can’t see it in actual wheel arch where you would expect. Hence need to check inside.
I have found this on all 3 L250s that I have/had.
Will attempt to attach pics, if i can figure it out? I’m old, my pc is old and so is my phone.

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Successors to these also bear such problems. Any of these vehicles carrying over this basic rear suspension design are prone to this:

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L701 as well :eyes:

wow I have never seen this kind of rusting in any dai’s in Australia. the closest was the copen I had was starting to get some near the hinges in the back and I belive that is because of the poor design of where water drips down from wet weather.


It may possibly be a UK/Euro region thing? What with us being generally moist all year round!


Can confirm that it’s also a big problem with the L650.

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I think Australian cars tend to rust from the top down. UV eats through the clear coat and paint, then rust from there. Euro cars, i guess from moisture or salt etc, rust from the bottom up.


I can also confirm that My M100 had begun to go there too! UK market, and I only noticed because I had to remove the boot & arch liners to prevent them melting when I was welding the chassis rails.

Still, its a nice, accessible area so not too bad to cut out and weld new metal in