Hello. My head gasket keeps blowing. This will be the third time i will be chaging it. Any pointers on what im doing wrong.

Head is probably warped or has some surface imperfection (the former often due to something getting to hot). Or if it is “blown” too much pressure/boost.

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I would agree with Mr G head is probably warped if you have not had it shaved.
Also what car are we talking about and what head gasket’s are you using?

Hc engine, i get it plained each time.

hmm maybe the alloy head has gone soft or the block need decking?

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I have the same problem with my 3sz-ve
Water pushes from the radiator to overflow bottle after a long highway drive, when the car stops at a traffic light or stops in traffic, it overheats
Head gasket has been done 3 times, each time the head gets re-surfaced.
Last time around, I re-surfaced the block as well.
Radiator was also changed
Radiator cap has been changed a few times (always use the 1.1 bar)
I just think that the 3sz is a weak motor when it comes to heat

I presume you have changed the thermostat and your water pump is good?

Yes Sir, both have been changed

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