Blue L701

Welcome to my topic! My name is Sander, 23 years old and from the Netherlands!
The whole idea behind this topic is that i am modifying and ‘building’ my beloved blue L701, and i thought: Why not taking you with me on the ‘journey’.
There is quite a back story on how i ended up with my current Cuore, which i will tell you in upcoming posts!
If you have any questions, you can respond on my topic or send me a message on Instagram @Blue_L701 .

Love at first sight

My love for the Cuore L701 began (as for many of us) at mightycarmods.
Long story short, since it is about the car and not my life: ‘young’ me always wanted the little nugget as my first car since i saw the episodes of the blue turd and the green show car.

The one who started it all

When i turned 19 and got my drivers license, with all the research i did beforehand about Daihatsu Cuores and the trim specs , i got myself a blue Daihatsu Cuore L701 RTI (the highest trim spec with electrified windows, electric adjustable wing mirrors, central locking and air conditioning):

I loved it to bits, drove it for a bit and Changed the rear view mirror for a nicer one since the old one started to flake from the inside, and also changed the inside door handles for chrome ones because ‘luxury’.
I also lowered it with lowering springs (30mm) and stiffer rear shocks which both improved the stability and drivability a lot.

Major F-Up

So then my first accident. It was nothing more than just being stupid where i drove too hard in a corner with gravel, resulting in me driving on a pile of sand and rolling over:

And just like that, the Australian Cuore was born.
Luckily, it was all on own terrain and didn’t injure myself apart from my inner self.

Fixing the major F-Up

So with now a fairly damaged Cuore, i decided to make the best out of it by removing the dents as much as possible and by replacing the front window and side window.

That being fixed, i continued to drive it as my daily for almost a year.

To be continued…


Nice! looking forward to reading more

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