Boosted EJ-DE vs ED-10 questions

Hi guys.
Pretty simple question but prob a long answer…
I’m looking at a motor swap in my L200
First, which motor will handle boost better?
The EJ-DE or ED-10?
Also are there any pistons we can retrofit to get decent forged Pistons?
Also is there conrods to suit?
Are they even needed for lowish boost?
Any help would be great as I don’t want to buy more parts and change direction half way.

Hello and welcome.

This is a Daihatsu community. Perhaps the best way to start is to make an introduction. What are the plans for your car? Some here are interested in Daihatsu as a whole, some are aiming for a " racer bling image" and a few of us are into club comp. Knowing what you are up to will guide our answers, and it may alter who chimes in to help. Post some images of you Dai. So far you’ve been here registered for ten hours. Have you used any of your time to read threads? Some of what you’d like to know has been covered. We would suggest you use the search function.

Desipte the above I will have a crack at answers to your questions.

I assume you have an ED10. They are old tech. So is the rest of your L200. Any dreams of improved performance should include Sirion brake upgrades and suspension work. An NA EJ-DE will be more than enough for a road car. Just do that first. With a few modest tweaks you will triple the ED10 power and torque. On a road car the EJ-DE pistons and conrods are good for 150 fwhp - but that is not with a std ecu. You should be thinking an ecu with closed loop feedback before the turbo, before rods and before pistons. Forged pistons, Argo rods (custom) and an ECU will be $5000. And then you are just going to smoke one front wheel. It will never be quick unless you get an LSD into it. Factory L200 LSD are rare, but the jackshaft they come with are a good thing. And it will prob eat gearboxes or drive shafts with the trxx box. So factor in an M100 gearbox and figure out to get an LSD to fit. Many think they know better and have ignored my advice. I give you pearls of advice and it’s up to you to decide what to do. Welcome anyway. Do a proper intro, read some threads and come back with questions.


Thanks for the hood info there.
I thought I already made an intro…
maybe you missed it.
Iv read up here quite a bit but had no direct answers to the questions so I thought I’d ask as it’s a forum…
I’m a member of au starlet club and it’s dead now because people keep telling others to “use the search bar” and guess what… forum is dead.
Possibly a good thing to keep people and posts active to at least make people believe that the forum/ community is alive.
Don’t take that as a stab at you either. Just expressing my own experiences.
As for the car, I just like small little cars that have a surprise factor.
I’m driving an alto now with all starlet turbo running gear in it.
I like shit like that.
I drove my Ep71 daily and raced it in street trim. I drove it home from full throttle Friday where we ran a 11.3@126mph.
I don’t expect 240kw out of the Mira just want it to be a fun mira not the worlds fastest mira.
Really aim to having a clean looking car with power to at least show up some newer cars. That’s all really.


That’s a quick Starlet. There are a couple around locally that run those sort of times, but I doubt they are used everyday. Most powerful L200 I’ve been in made 110kw at the front wheels though it ran a 130kw tune at times. Std bottom end, head never ever removed. It ran bespoke manifolds, a TD05, Wolf ECU and XR6 front mount. With some head basic head work I think 10-15% more power again and with some real development could see 200kw - but a lot of work. An IHI VF13 would be more than enough, and on a circuit, better mid end torque to get out of corners than the TD05 which was better suited to rolling drags from about 80k/h.

Jeez. Yeah I’d love a decent powered mira. I think 100kw is heaps for such a small car.
I know the starlet guys you mentioned. They own our forum for the starlets. We meet up fairly regular. They live out near Ipswich. Top blokes. There into swifts also. They run nitrous. I’m not ready for nitrous. Haha. My starlet made 241kw ATW on 32psi but that was with the wrong injectors and just my old STI vf turbo thrown on. Those boys went back to 1.3l motors now and do circuit now.
Most starlet people would know me as paulep82.
If the 1.0 motor from a sirion will hold up to a few pounds of boost I’d love to even run that.
Iv just dropped a 800cc daewoo motor and box and made up mounts and plenum/ injection setup for my mighty boy. Running just a microtech but just lazy to finish it off. I done all the hard work and now just left it… lol

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wow I really love hearing this of small cars, Starlet, swift, matiz, mightyboy, daihatsu all fun cars and it seems you have been doing some really good stuff with starlets and your mighty boy. I have an idea on who the guys are out near ipswich too. Im in redline forum and for the life of me cant remember the guys name now. He has a mk1 swift, and orange and black swift or is it black and orange now and they have a starlet also.

That mighty boy sounds like it would go well with an fc8v in it. Those engines are sort of like a cross between the ef -el (660cc) and the ed10 (850cc). I belive the pistons are 0.5mm larger than the ef-el but are flat top and not domed and I believe the stroke is the same as one of the 2 daihatsu engines I have mentioned. The major down fail I believe they have is the stupid plastic intake manifolds on the fc8v once the fins on the inside break you need to take them off and put a plate and alot of silican in there to fix them from leaking.

In the block between an ed10/20 and an ejde you will find the stroke is the same and they pretty much use the same conrods. The main differences is the ejde can withstand more of a beating it seems than the ed10/20. The piston size difference is 66.6mm for the ed and 72mm for the ejde. The ej’s are setup differently for water pump and they also have an extra oil gallery that goes from block to head where the ed doesn’t and nor does the ef/el.

I built an ed10 and put ejde pistons in it and it ran good and on dyno with a small amount of boost I was getting just under 50hp which isnt bad as standard you would get about 30ish hp. I had leaning out issue where my fuel pump could not keep up with boost so we could not get more out of it.

If you go ejde I have also seen and been in the car that @Mr_Gormsby mentioned above and it was very quick. I have also been in a quick ed10 with ef/el head (which is what I run) but it did have a smaller turbo and would wheel spin everywhere. While lots of fun would rather that power on the ground.
For me I will be taking my engine out and fixing it as I did a big end bearing on the track day recently and replacing with a temporary setup until I get it sorted and that wont be for a while as there is some family stuff needs attending first.
Although I have not provided any straight answer I hope I have helped contribute in some way to help making a decision or choice.
Please finish the mighty boy :slight_smile:

Hi evilhighway.
I’ll try dig up some pix of the mighty boy.
The plastic manifold was the first thing to go on the matiz motor.
I made my own manifold and injector feed.
I rebuilt it before I put it together again and going to run a ihi vf24 I think it is from memory.
It had a 12v twin cam F5A motor in it when I bought it but Pistons were literally impossible to source.
I tried to get it bored 4mm so I could use forged gsxr Pistons and the oil galleries are too close to do that also. No one has forging small enough for the bore size so that’s why I went for the matiz motor.
Plus it was $200 with rego! I drove it home and used heaps of parts off it now for other cars like the Alto.
Zuboo, fearlesss and Harry are the guys your referring to yeah? There top blokes. I can’t say enough how much they go out of their way to help me and me try to return the favour.
There’s some pix of the mighty boy and some of the Alto. The Alto is on gumtree now…


Zuboo thats his name I havent met any of them but they have great reputations and from any work I have seen the do is great. That fc8v looks good in the MB bay Good thing you got rid of that stupid plastic manifolds. A matiz was my first small 3 cylinder car and since then i haven’t stopped loving them. I really think the matiz even though an ugly Korean thing were a pretty good little car.

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Wow!!.. Just wow!!.. I thought I was on my own loving shit little cars… There’s plenty of us out there!!..Hahahahahhahahaha

I love it!!


For forged pistons if you are on facebook search out The Piston Shop, malaysian based (i think) but has sent a few goodies like that over here at times

Ah thanks for that. I’ll hit them up.