Bought some big wheels, worried they won't fit, l700

I don’t yet own a daihatsu but will soon be acquiring an L700 well hopefully anyway haha, me being me I’ve already bought some parts for the lucky car but now im having doubts about my wheels I have purchased fitting, I’ve got some zender challenge wheels 15 X 7 ET35 they currently have 195/50 R15 tyres on them ( I realise these are the wrong size for a daihatsu ) what’s my chances of these wheels fitting with little modification to the car?
Thanks for any help in advance :+1:

Try this link. I posted up some pix of 15x7.5s +25.
Yours will be about 22mm narrower track. (Further in) about .9 inch.

With a stretch tyre and some bolt on flares they could maybe work. You should have enough on the inside to clear the spring base plate. Will scrub on full lock though. The guard rubbing will be as much as you can put up
With I guess. Just watch the walls for wear.

Define “with only a little work”? It’s my tire size of choice for the L200. Much work to make them fit. From my L700 experience I think the rear will be a bigger problem. It’s doable, however, the whole inner guard will need to tubbed.

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I don’t want to run stretched tyres as I’m building a street legal race car effectively, i think I’ll put these wheels up for swaps then and if I can find some 14X7 or 14X8 I’ll put in the effort to make them fit, as 14 is my idea wheel size anyway, thanks for all the help

Really nothing here in a 14" race radial. I can get 14" slicks. See if you can get one 14" in the size you will run and test fit. I would say the 15x7 will be less hassle than a 14x8. In my test fitting I did actually try a 15x8 with 225/50/15, and while I’ve done so much tubbing in the rear such that they fit such would be more for show than go as it is to big in my opinion.

I’m not bothered about the work in the long run, eventually I want to make 14 x 8 fit I just don’t want to go through hassle of fitting 15 x 7 to then find that 14 x 8 won’t fit, it’s not that hard to find decent 14 inch tyres here in uk

I have that exact setup (15x7 et35 with 195x50x15) on my mx-5. I could swap one or two of those wheels on my L700 and take some pics if you’re still interested.

Oh nevermind, I didn’t realize this post is 10 months old facepalm :smiley:

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If you could post a photo of 15x7 on you l700 that would be great to see. I’m trying to see how they’d look before buy a set